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Tucker University - Tucker Trimmer & Shaded 4 Patch

Tucker University is a series of classes lasting 3 to 4 hours They cover the Fundamental Studio 180 Design Tools.
The best part of each tool is they are not a One-Trick Pony (or Quilt Specific) You will learn how you can use it on any block you need for your project.

Check the Class Schedules for in-store workshops or contact us. We can also set up a Workshop for your Group with a minimum of 8 paid attendees
Tools are not required for the workshop. they will always be available for class use. The tools are also on-site in the event you fall in love and have to have 1.

  • Tucker Trimmer & Shaded Four Patch 
Additional Classes in the series
  • V Block & Sidekick & High/Low
  • Wing Clipper I & Pickets & Quickets
  • Square-squared & Little Houses
  • Corner Beam & Sliver
  • Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star
  • Corner Pop
  • Split Rects
  • Diamond Rects
  • Large Square Squared
  • Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star - Strip Pieced & Liberty
  • Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star - Banded Lemoyne Star & Fussy Cut
  • Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star - Lemoyne as Triangles & Blazing Lemoyne Star
  • Migrating Geese 



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